Will.I.Am vs. Lloyd vs. Omarion: I Got Icebox From My Shawty (Pomatic Mash Mix) (October 2007)

Pomatic sent me another great new mash mix. You can visit his webpage using this link: www.pomatic.com . It is a mashup of Will.I.Am - I Got It From My Mama, Lloyd - Get It Shawty and Omarion - Icebox. As videosources i used DVDrips of all the original music videos. This was a more challenging mash to make a video for than my last Pomatic video mash. After synching the videos to the new audio track, I needed to make several cuts to the videos, and also do some beatmixing using the Lloyd video in the intro and outro of the mix. The total length of this video is 4 minutes 30 seconds.


Click image for sample video