Whitney Houston vs. Saltwater: It's Not Right, But It's The Legacy (Ben Double M Mashup Mix) (September 2007)

No surprise, this is another extraordinary well made mix by Ben Double M. You can read more about Ben Double M's mixes on his website Belgabootlegs.be. As source for this project I used a DVD rip of the original Whitney Houston music video. After I started working on this project, Ben Double M made a shorter edit of the track that would fit the video edit better. This might not seem like a hard to make video remix, however this is not the case. Ben Double M did alot of small changes to the vocal track in this mix, so after synching it, I had to chop it up and add small pieces here and there to make it all fit. Thanks to Ben Double M for helping me out and supporting me along the way, as this was hard work! In total more than 80 video cuts in this video remix. I think it looks and sounds amazing, and I know you will agree! Length of this videoremix is 4 minutes 35 seconds.

Click image for sample video