Towa Tei feat. Kylie Minogue vs. Mylo: G.B.I. Drop The Pressure (El Barto and Liam B Mashup Mix) (September 2008)

This mix by El Barto and Liam B I wanted to make a videoremix for a long time ago, however finding the Towa Tei feat. Kylie Minogue video in good quality was very hard. Earlier this year I finally received a copy of it from a friend. For this videoremix I also used a DVDrip of the "Mylo: Drop The Pressure" video. I thought about mixing the two videos together more, however I decided to use the Towa Tei video for the first part of the mix, and then cut to the Mylo video for the second part of the mix. You can visit El Barto and Liam B's wepage using this link: Length of this videoremix is 4 minutes 4 seconds.


Click image for sample video