Timbaland vs. Ultra DJs: The Way Me And You Are (Ben Double M Mashup Mix) (December 2007)

Another amazing mix by Ben Double M. You can read more about Ben Double M's mixes on his website Belgabootlegs.be. As source for this project I used a DVD rip of the original "Timbaland: The Way I Are" music video. What can I say but this was again a quite challengin mashup mix to edit a video for. I did not really know how the original Timbaland would work together with this totally different sounding audio track. It turned out that all the movements in the picture, and the light effects fit very well to the new beats, so I did not need to add any extra effects. I did however remove some "out of place" light effects in the original video and replace them. Because of the extended length of this mix, alot of editing was needed to finish this video remix. Length of this videoremix is 5 minutes 12 seconds.

Click image for sample video