Timbaland vs. Kraftwerk: The Way Models Are (KrazyBen Mashup Mix) (September 2007)

A great mash mix by KrazyBen. You can find more infomation about his work on his webpage. It is a mashup of Timbaland - The Way I Are and Kraftwerk - Das Model. For this project I used the Timbaland video, parts of a live performance of Kraftwerk - Das Model and parts of the Veronica Zemanova video - The Model. After synching the videos to the the new audio track, I decided to edit out the soccer players from the Timbaland video and replace them with clips from the Kraftwerk video. I also beatmixed parts of the Veroncia Zemanova video in the middle part of the mix. Because the Kraftwerk video is Black & White, and the other two videos are also dark in color, I decided to make the whole mash video Black & White. The total length of this video is 3 minutes 10 seconds.


Click image for sample video