The Chemical Brothers vs. Fedde Le Grand: Salmon Mash (Dunproofin' Mashup Mix) (November 2007)

Great mashup mix created by Dunproofin' for the bootleg tribute album Block Rockin' Boots. You can check out his work on his webpage. On his page you may also watch the complete video remix. As source for this project I used a DVD rip of the "Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand: Let Me Think About It" music video and a VP DVD rip of the music video from The Chemical Brothers: Salmon Dance. Synching the videos and the fish "Singing" was alot of work for this videoremix. I also had to find a good way to mix the totally different videos together, adding some nice transitions where needed. Length of this videoremix is 4 minutes 13 seconds.

Click image for sample video