Stellar Project presents Ciara Feat. Missy Elliot: 1, 2 Step (Get Up Stand Up) (Pomatic's Mash Mix) (November 2005)

I found this great audiomix surfing the web, and just had to make a videoremix for it. The audio is a mix of Stellar Project's Get Up, Stand Up and Ciara Feat. Missy Elliot with 1, 2, Step. The Mashup was made by Pomatic. You can visit his webpage using this link: . He makes some great mashups, so I might be tempted to do more Videoremixes for his mashups in the future. As videosources for this project I used a DVBrip of Stellar Project and for Ciara feat Missy Elliot I used a Fullscreen DVD rip.


Click image for sample video