The Prodigy Feat. Missy Elliot & Kelis: Under My Dutch (September 2005)

I got this great audiomix from a friend, and he wanted me to make a videoremix for it. The audio is a mix of The Prodigy: Under my wheel, Missy Elliot: Pass That Dutch and Kelis: Milkshake. The Mashup was made by El Barto and Liam B. You can visit their webpage using this link: . Finding good videosources for this project was hard, and I could only find a good quality fullscreen MTV TVrip for the Missy Elliot video, for Kelis I found a Widescreen DVD rip. I had to fix that so it did not look too weird when switching videosources in my mix, and also add the logo to the Kelis video parts.

Click image for sample video