Modjo vs. Pussy Cat Dolls: Don't Cha Lady (DJ Nicky T Remix) (December 2007)

Another fantastic remix made by DJ Nicky T. You can check out his work on his Multiply page and on Myspace. On his pages you can watch the complete remix video if you want. This is a mix of the now classic Modjo: Lady and Pussy Cat Dolls: Don't Cha. As source for this project I used DVDrips of the original music videos. I did quite a few changes to the videos to make them fit together, changing picture size, contrast and adding some more colour to the Modjo video as I thought it was to gray and faded. I needed to find a good way to tell the story from the Modjo video in this video remix. Because DJ Nicky T had removed some of the repeated phrases from the other members of "Pussycat Dolls", I had some natural places to mix in parts from the Modjo video. I also used a push effect in the video, together with some nice fades. Length of this videoremix is 5 minutes 6 seconds.

Click image for sample video