Mariah Carey vs. Gorillaz: El Mariahna (Electrosound Mashup Mix) (March 2008)

A great mashup made by Electrosound. You can check out more of Electrosounds mashups on his multiply and myspace page. As source for this project I used DVDrips of the original music videos; "Mariah Carey: We Belong Together" and "Gorillaz: El Manana". The challenging part in this project was how to mix the two videos together in a good way. I started synching up the Mariah Carey video to the new audio track, and quickly realised that the weddingstory in that video did not fit well together with the story of the Gorillaz video. So I decided to remove all the weddingstory parts from that video. After this was done I had to mix in the story of the Gorillaz video in all the gaps, and add some nice transitions between the videos. Length of this videoremix is 3 minutes 41 seconds.


Click image for sample video