Katy Perry vs. Aqua: I Kissed A Barbie Girl (Ken Carson Mashup Mix) (September 2008)

A funny mashup created by Ken Carson. As source for this project I used a DVD rip of the "Aqua: Barbie Girl" music video and a promo only DVD rip of the "Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl" music video. Because the original Aqua video introduces the members of the group in the beginning of the video, I decided to cut this out for this video remix, and add other parts of the video instead. To make this look good, I needed to create some nice transitions between the edits in the same style as the Aqua video. The Katy Perry part of this video remix did not need that much work; synching the video and adding the transition between the two videos. Length of this videoremix is 3 minutes 23 seconds.


Click image for sample video