Rank 1 feat. Janet Jackson: The Pleasure Principle (Janet on Airwaves Mix) (October 2006)

What better way to celebrate my video remix / mashup number 40, than with this amazing mix! I started working on this project in February 2006, and have worked on it from time to time, finishing it bit for bit, then coming back to it and redoing parts I did earlier and did not like. The original video of Janet Jackson is slow compared to this remix, and only includes Janet in the video. I also used parts of the Rank 1 video in the beginning and the middle of this videoremix. Synching the video and all the dancing to the new audio track and making it look good was really hard. I think the end result is amazing, it takes off really well, then after the interlude the track (and Janet Jackson) really takes off! As videosources for this project I used DVD rips of both the Janet Jackson and Rank 1 music videos. Lengt of this videoremix is 5 minutes 58 seconds.

Click image for sample video