Falco vs. Jennifer Lopez: Jeanny From The Block (DJ Schmolli Mashup Mix) (February 2008)

This mashup was created by DJ Schmolli for his Falco tribute project FALCO re:loaded. This mix is part of the album released on February 2nd 2008 as a tribute to Falco, the greatest pop artist from Austria. When Falco died in a car accident 10 years ago he left a big and never to be filled hole, R.I.P. Johann Hölzel. For this project I used DVDrips of the original videos; "Jeanny" and "Jennifer Lopez: Jenny From The Block". Thanks to DJ Schmolli for letting me work on this video and help to promote this truly amazing project. The most challenging part of this project was editing it so most of the story of the Falco video was included, and also making good transitions and compositions between the two videos. Total length of this mashup is 4 minutes 3 seconds.

Click image for sample video