Donna Summer vs. Hard Fi: She Works Hard To Beat The Cash Machine (DJ Schmolli Mashup Mix) (September 2007)

I finally finished another amazing mashup mix made by DJ Schmolli. Videos used for this mashup are Donna Summer: She Works Hard For The Money, Hard Fi - Hard To Beat and Hard Fi - Cash Machine. As my previous DJ Schmolli video mash, this was also a challenging project to work on. The main track in this mix is Hard Fi - Hard To Beat, with parts of Donna Summer inbetween. At the same time I wanted to use the story of the Hard Fi - Cash Machine video in this mix, so I beatmixed that video in the intro and outro of the mix. As is popular in movies today, the end is actually presented in the beginning... Total lenght of this mashup is 4 minutes 18 seconds.


Click image for sample video