Beyonce vs. Snoop Dog feat. Diddy & Notorious B.I.G.: Summertime Blown (Pomatic's Mash Mix) (May 2008)

Another great mash mix by Pomatic. You can visit his webpage using this link: . This mix was created for the Summer Booty 2008 compilation. As videosources for this project i used DVDrips of the original music videos by Snoop Dog and Notorious B.I.G. Since there is no official music video for "Summertime" by Beyonce, I used a DVDrip of her Live performance from Wembley in 2003. After synching up the live performance to the new audio track, I replaced parts of it with parts of the Snoop Dog video that I beatmixed to the new audio track. Because of the "summertime" feeling of the Snoop Dog video, I think this fit very well mixed together with the Beyonce vocals. Part of the Notorious B.I.G. video was synched to fit the last part of the videoremix. The total length of this video is 3 minutes 53 seconds.

Click image for sample video