Axwell vs. 50 Cent vs. Clipse: I Found Ayo Technology (DJ Nicky T Remix) (October 2007)

Another fantastic remix made by DJ Nicky T. You can check out his work on his Multiply page and on Myspace. On his pages you can watch the complete remix video if you want. As source for this project I used DVD rips of these videos: Axwell - I Found U, 50 Cent - Ayo Technology, Justin Timberlake feat. Clipse - Like I Love You, Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up. This mix presented quite a challenge; synching 4 different videos, changing videosizes, beatmixing, and adding some transitions. I also wanted to show most of the story from the Axwell video in a good way in the videoremix. Length of this videoremix is 5 minutes 54 seconds.

Click image for sample video