Welcome to MyMusicLinks4U.com !

This site includes all my favourite links to other music-oriented webpages around the world. Through the years of using the Internet I have found alot of great webpages as source for information about one of my main interests, music. At the same time, alot of my friends keep asking me for the address to many of these pages. So instead of keeping these "favourites" organized on my own computer, I found it would be better to set up my own webpage with my favourite music links. Information about my personal music video DVD collection and all my video remixes to date can be found on this site, complete with video samples. Enjoy!

You can watch a large selection of my videos in complete form on Mashuptown and on my Youtube channel.

GH Video Remixes DVDs 1 -10 available on my video remix page.

Update: 02. March 2011- 14 new video remixes added to my video remix page.

Eminem vs. Alexander Rybak: Fairytale Without Me (Mash Mike Mashup Mix) (May 2010)

Skee-Lo vs. Taio Cruz: I Wish I Broke Your Heart (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
The Game vs. Jamiroquai: Let's White Knuckle Ride (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
2 Unlimited vs. Ludacris feat. Shawnna: Get Ready To Go Low (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
B.O.B. vs. Friendly Fires: Nothin' on Paris (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
Usher vs. Worship: Ritual God (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
Javi Mula vs. Lil' Mama vs. Master P: Sexy Lip Gloss Lady (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)
Too Short vs. Classixx: I'll Get Your Whistle (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (October 2010)

Black Eyed Peas vs. Sneaky Sound System: I Gotta Young Feeling (Ben Double M Mashup Mix) (November 2010)
Ne-yo vs. DJ Kawasaki: Because Of You (Ben Double M Mashup Mix) (November 2010)
Pitbull vs. DJ Project: Hotel Nu (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (December 2010)
Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne vs. The Temper Trap: Disposition Down (The White Panda Mashup Mix) (January 2011)
Adele vs. Dragonforce: Rolling in the Fire and Flames (Dan Mei Mashup Mix) (February 2011)
Red Hot Chili Peppers feat. Bob Marley vs. The Prodigy: Give It Away Bitch (DJ Schmolli Mashup Mix) (February 2011)

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